The first healthcare-focused CTE charter high school in the Bronx.

Building Community

Bringing Neighbors & Friends Together

At Haven Charter High School (HCHS), students benefit from a rigorous high school STEM education and a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program leading to careers in the healthcare industry. All graduates will leave HCHS with both a high school diploma and a certification with a career track that leads directly to viable work. HCHS doubles the post-secondary options for students, who can enroll in college or enter the skilled workforce upon graduation.


Haven Charter High School will partner with East Side House Settlement, a community-based organization that provides educational resources to residents of the Bronx and Northern Manhattan. Leveraging the partnership with East Side House Settlement, HCHS will have access to social workers, support staff, and various other resources to ensure students and families are supported throughout their tenure at the school. An individualized learning plan will help each student achieve their academic goals and determine their post-secondary trajectory.